Catholic Happenings and Events for those 18-35 in and around Livingston County
on the Rectory Lawn
Sunday, August 25
5pm Mass at St. Patrick, Brighton
followed by dinner on the rectory lawn
Bring your own chair and beverage.

Sunday, Setember 8
Join Fr Mathias and Fr Joe at 6pm
to share your thoughts on living as a young adult in today's culture and in today's church. 
Your voice matters.
Come prepared to share.

ALL Livingston County
Catholic Churches have been invited to host a young adult listening session. 
Check with your pastor
for your parish date.
Young Adult Couples
Date Night
Young Adult
Mass & Dinner
Mens' and Womens'
Discipleship Groups

Every member of i.d.9:16 is encouraged to join a Discipleship Group.
These bi-monthly small groups serve two purposes:
To provide a smaller environment where effective discipleship material can be examined, discussed, and applied to each person’s life.
To develop life-giving relationships where members can be encouraged, challenged, loved, and held accountable. 
i.d.9:16 has developed two video series, Foundations of Discipleship and
Our Deepest Identity,
to lay the foundation of each DG session. If you would like to join an i.d.9:16 Discipleship Group,
contact Shannon Scherba
via  email

Join us on the last Sunday of every month as we gather for Mass
followed by Dinner 
at the St. patrick Rectory or
at a local restaurant.
Blessed worship and
great conversation!
You can find details on our calendar and at

Heart of Jesus
Holy Hour

Looking to grow closer to Jesus?
Consider spending time with our Lord in Adoration - one Holy Hour each month will be time well graced!

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament,
Live Music & Confession 

You can find details on our calendar and at
St. Patrick, Brighton

Have you been longing for relationships with other engaged or married couples that are built on prayer, solid catholic values and quality time spent together?
Consider participating in Date Night!
This monthly gathering includes dinner and child care for those who need it.
To participate,
  email  for details.
i.d. 9:16 Ann Arbor

i.d. 9:16 exists to form young adults into intentional disciples
of Jesus Christ
We invite you to participate in
Disciples' Night
on the first Thursday of every month for Mass, Dinner,  Speaker & Fellowship
Conversion - Communion  
Orthodoxy - Mission
How will you be moved?

Domino's Farms, Ann Arbor